Disposable stethoscope

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Gardner, Kenneth
Gaines, Kevin
Smith, William
White, Joel D.

Gardner, K., Gaines, K., Smith, W., White, J.D., inventor; Wichita State University, assignee. Disposable stethoscope. United States patent US 20220061796 A1. 2022, March 3.


A disposable stethoscope comprising a headset and a chestpiece assembly configured to be acoustically connected to the headset for conveying sound to the headset. The chestpiece assembly comprises a diaphragm, a chestpiece body, and a retention ring. The chestpiece body comprises a drum including a peripheral annular rim and a central hole. The diaphragm comprises a peripheral edge margin configured to be positioned on the drum such that the peripheral edge margin of the diaphragm is supported on the rim. The retention ring comprises a ring portion extending circumferentially about a ring axis and at least one latch arm extending along the ring axis. The retention ring is configured to be positioned on the chestpiece body to sandwich the peripheral edge margin of the diaphragm between the rim and the ring portion and the arms latch with the chestpiece body to attach the retention ring to the chestpiece body.

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WSU inventors: Joel White, NIAR
Application No: 17/446682 filed September 1, 2021. Patent No: US 20220061796 A1 granted March 3, 2022.