Information representation

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Cui, Hong
Deng, Sai
Tang, Xiaoya

Cui, H., Deng, S. & Tang, X. Y. (2007). Information representation. Research Fronts in Library & Information Science in the West, p.42-80. Edited by Heting Chu and Yin Zhang. In: Research Fronts in the Humanities & Social Sciences in the West series. Edited by Shuming Lu. Beijing: Renmin University Press, 2007.


“Research Fronts in Library and Information Science (LIS) in the West” is a volume in the book series titled “Research Fronts in the Humanities and Social Sciences in the West”. Based on the analysis of a significant amount of recently published research literature, the authors of this volume discuss major developments, research efforts, and future directions of 11 sub-areas in the LIS field. The discussions are also enriched by the authors' research experiences and reflections. The 11 sub-areas include information in various forms, libraries in transition, information representation, information retrieval, user services, information systems, user studies, information ethics and information policies, research methods in LIS, information technology in the field, as well as informetrics and webometrics. Information representation is a term increasingly used to refer to all activities relating to describing or organizing knowledge or information. Chapter 3 reviews research and developments in cataloging, metadata, classification, subject indexing, ontology and the Semantic Web, as well as information architecture. Each of the topics is further explored with a focus on its major issues, recent publications, and future directions.

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