2002-10-28 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of October 28, 2002. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2002-2003, v.16

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Agenda: (Informal statements and proposals): A. Remarks from Hoyt Hillman & Jim Ward -- (President's report): A. Report of the Board of Regents Meeting, October 16-17, 2002 -- 1. Principles for Management of Anticipated Budget Reductions for Universities Governed by the Kansas Board of Regents, adopted by the Board August 14, 2002 -- A. Reductions should be strategic and not across-the-board -- B. Reductions should be mission driven, with emphasis on maintaining the quality of the student learning experience as the highest priority -- C. Every effort should be made to maximize the system synergies and resources through inter-institutional collaboration and cooperation, with continuing emphasis on reducing unnecessary duplication of programs -- 2. Budget Rescission and Reduction Guidelines for Universities Governed -- A. University planning processes will be used in determining additional budget reductions -- 8: Any budget cuts should minimize the impact on student learning -- C. Priority should be given to academic programs that meet the criteria for program review established by the Kansas Board of Regents -- D. Externally-funded research should continue to be a high priority for the institutions; research assignments not funded by grants or contracts should be carefully scrutinized to ensure potential productivity -- E. The Regents will encourage the Legislature to provide incentives for private gifts to higher education -- (Committee reports): Rules Committee: Request for volunteers / Elizabeth Behrman -- (New business): A. University of Kansas Experiences with External Peer Review / Tom Mulinazzi
Attachments: B. Evaluation of Research, Scholarship, Creative or Artistic Performance
Minutes: (President's report): Report on the Board of Regents meeting of October 16-17 -- Reviewed the Regents' "Principles of Management of Anticipated Budget Reductions" and "Budget Rescission and Reduction Guidelines" -- (Committee reports): Rules: Volunteer needed to serve on University Traffic Advisory Committee / Senator Behrman -- (New business): A. External Peer Reviews / Tom Mulinazzi