Virtual reality model to aid case learning

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Whitman, Lawrence E.
Madhavan, Viswanathan
Malzahn, Don E.
Twomey, Janet M.

Larry Whitman, Vis Madhavan, Don Malzahn, Janet Twomey. Virtual Reality Model to Aid Case Learning. -- In Proceedings of the 11th annual Industrial Engineering Research Conference, Orlando, FL, available in CDROM, May 19-21, 2002.


Virtual reality can be used to configure and build detailed models of factories that can serve as the framework for the cases derived from real-life situations. Practicing process modeling and design using a “real-world” process increases student learning. Virtual reality in the course helps to bridge the gap between industry-based projects and classroom case studies. This paper presents such a model of an aerospace lean manufacturing cell to teach activity and process modeling, analysis, and design.

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