An act of faith

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Witrogen, Melvin H.
Duell Denis C.
Skaggs, Jimmy M.

Melvin H. Witrogen, Dennis C. Duell, and Jimmy M. Skaggs, An act of faith (Wichita, KS: Wichita State University, Board of Trustees, 1984), 90 p.

Table of Content
Foreword -- Preface -- An act of faith: The incorporation of the Municipal University of Wichita into the Kansas System of Higher Education by Melvin H. Witrogen -- An act of faith: Stewardship of the City of Wichita fund, the first twenty years by Dennis C. Duell and Jimmy M. Skaggs -- An act of faith: Summary and Conclusions -- Notes -- Appendix -- Board of Trustees, Wichita State University 1963-1984 -- City commissioners, Wichita, Kansas, 1963-1985 -- Senate bill 151 -- Senate bill 152
This book Is dedicated to Dr. Harry F. Corbin and to the memory of Senator Paul R. Wunsch on behalf of the many who honor them for the concept and creation of that which is herein characterized as an ongoing "Act of Faith" by the citizens of Wichita, the Legislature, and the University.