The Sunflower, v.70, no.58 (March 18, 1966)

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Article(s): SGA views student speeding April 5-6 elections approach / Judy Fairhurst -- Gemini team holds fast during space emergency -- Manor 1st cadet to get license in flight class -- Crow talk cancelled -- SGA election near: Hot political duel anticipated when students elect leaders / C. Kay Zimmerman -- Campus politics stirs -- Baha'i world faith holding new study classes of history -- 'Studies' accepts faculty papers -- Society, Shocker style: Frats, sororities dorm members to sponsor social activities / Judy Fairhurst -- LP album hits follow disc jockey's brainstorm / Cheryl Pritchard -- P.E. versus the ax -- Hutchinson editor wants KU, WSU, K State to compete -- 'Comic book public': Critic Cleveland Amory blasts TV -- Good credit important: Student credit buying rising expert reports on pitfalls / Myrna Fletcher -- Tongue in chic: Tweeds, style hit, set new fashion / Joy-Lyn Updike -- Columbia prof Robert Davis slated to speak on campus March 23 -- 12th Kansas artist exhibit ends Sunday -- Grad's work exhibited -- Drama seeks undergrads -- Is your professor a human being? Test him to find out for sure / Oheri Basta -- St. Patrick nothing but a 'big legend' -- WSU netters open season in Houston tourney -- Eagles prove tough MVC track foes
Photograph(s): Like robins: When it turns spring, art students take advantage of the warm WSU lawns to go outside to work. Warm weather this week brought out birds and people alike, but winter may yet get in another blow before the temperatures rises for good. p. 1 -- Completed: Air Force Maj. Darrel C. Dowdy congratulates Steve Manor as the first AF-ROTC cadet to receive his pilot license of a class of 14 cadets in a student flight training program. p. 1 -- [Diego] Jarmillo. p. 8 -- Intramurals: John Hageman goes up for two points that were crucial to the DU's narrow victory over the Two-Toners in a second round intramural tournament battle. John Eackman (left) reaches to stop shot, Ken Dean heads for the basket. p. 8
The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.70 no.58. Wichita, Kansas, March 18, 1966. - 8 pages
Wichita State University
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