The Sunflower, v.69, no.14 (November 3, 1964)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.69 no.14. Wichita, Kansas, November 3, 1964. - 4 pages

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Article(s): President Johnson welcomed at Wichita campaign rally -- Lindquist welcomes educators -- Editorial views: First down -- Inside SGA: Pep council deserves praise / Bill Rapps -- King puppet variety program scheduled to appear at WSU / Judy Fairhurst -- Mathematics teachers meet subject: Modern techniques -- ROTC Halloween party success: Logopedics children entertained -- Shocks trail Louisville in 1st period stage come-back for 23-15 win -- Collegiate Poetry Congress begins 1964-65 anthology
Photograph(s): The President speaks: President Lyndon Johnson pledges more money in Kansas pocket books. p. 1 -- Uncaptioned photograph of parents accompanying children dressed in Halloween costumes. p. 3 -- Uncaptioned photograph of two children dressed in Halloween costumes. p. 3 -- Shocker quarterback Sam LoFaso carries for a short gain against Louisville. The Shockers won their first MVC game, 23-15. p. 4
"See King Puppet Story Page 2"