Along ancient trails: the Mallet expedition of 1739

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Blakeslee, Donald J.

Donald J. Blakeslee, Along ancient trails : the Mallet expedition of 1739 (Niwot, CO: University Press of Colorado, 1995), xviii, 291 p.

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Professor Donald Blakeslee has been with Wichita State University from 1976. He earned his Ph.D. in Anthropology at theUniversity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (1975); M.A. (1971) and B.A. with distinction (1969) in Anthropology at the University of Nebraska. Professor Blakeslee specializes in the archaeology of the Great Plains. His research interests range from the time of the earliest settlement of the Americas to the historic period, and his work has carried him from Montana to Texas. He also has had a long-term interest in native trails and sacred sites. Major contributions include numerous publications on the Middle Ceramic period and on radiocarbon dating. His latest work focuses on the protohistoric period and on the Walnut River basin during all time periods. He has served as president of the Professional Archaeologists of Kansas and of AASCK, a society for amateur archaeologists.