1999-2000 McNair Scholars Program: Journal of research reports

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Office of Special Programs

Office of Special Programs, "McNair Scholars Program: Journal of research reports," 1999-2000, 36 pages.

Table of Content
A Study of the Nature of Charge Transport in Polypyrrole Using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance / Yina Felosky and Pawan K. Kahol -- The Effect of Animation on Recall of Text Presented on a Web Site / Shenica Renee Graham-Perera and Barbara Chaparro -- Measuring Race Based Policing: A Research Note / Henry Jackson and Brian L. Withrow -- Developing an EEG/EMG-Based Computer Interface Using Artificial Neural Networks / Haydee Serna and Janet Twomey -- Home Visitation for Young Mothers in Planeview / Samone Chism and Ruth B. "Toni" Pickard -- Overcoming Discrimination against Women with Disabilities in the Workforce -- Environment: A Determinant and Perpetuator of Substance Abuse / James Gibson and James R. Nevitt -- Examining Variables of Grief Recovery / Carmen Hythce and Twyla Hill -- Agriculture and the Environment: Collaborating to Protect Our Food Supply and the Environment / Lorraine M. Krofssik and Robert Lawless -- Sickle Cell Anemia: Pathology, Diagnosis and Treatment / Shameka McLeroy and Kent Thomas -- Student Values and the Influences on the Hip Hop Culture / Ebony McPherson and Kevin Harvey -- A Summary of Sensitivity to Sub-Cultural Issues in News Media / Keena Shante Neal and Les Anderson -- Influences of Lactoferrin on Colon Cancer / Loan Vu and John W. Carter -- Native Americans and the Criminal Justice System / Kaye Wilson and Jerry Shaw