Induction welding module

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Seneviratne, Waruna P.
Tomblin, John S.
Saathoff, Brandon L.
Walthers, Mark T.
Hall, Carleton A.
Ziegler, Riley

Seneviratne, W.P., Tomblin, J.S., Saathoff, B.L., Walthers, M.T., Hall, C.A., & Ziegler, R., inventors; Wichita State University, assignee. Induction welding module. United States patent US 20230173605 A1. 2023, June 8.


An induction welding system employs an induction welding apparatus with an induction welding power supply and a chiller in the same enclosure. An induction welding coil is powered by the induction welding power supply. A variable force press can press together work pieces and an actuator can move the induction welding coil lengthwise along a weld joint. The weld controller repeatably conducts induction welds by controlling the induction welding power supply to power the induction welding coil and controlling the induction welding tooling to at least one of press together work pieces to be welded and move the induction welding coil lengthwise along a weld joint between work pieces to be welded.

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WSU inventors: Waruna Seneviratne, Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering; John Tomblin, Brandon L. Saathoff, Mark T. Walthers, Riley Ziegler, NIAR.
Application No: 18/046530 filed October 14, 2022. Patent No: US 20230173605 A1 granted June 8, 2023.