The Sunflower, v.72, no.42 (March 26, 1968)

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The Sunflower, v.72 no.42. Wichita, Kansas, March 26, 1968. - 8 pages
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Article(s): Alpha Chi Omega, Tri Delta, SAE receive recognition -- 'Ode to a commode’ unknown protest / Bill Stegman -- Marine recruiters weather protests -- Art Department exhibits plagued by vandalism, theft -- Hillside area 'hopeless cause’ states Liberal Arts dean / Vicki McKissick -- Outstanding women active says marriage counselor -- Swiss Alps topic off Sporli lecture -- Eligible UC students should change colleges -- KMUW Radio to record, air lectures -- Orchestra to present annual concerto aria -- Lighting improved -- Precedents, precedents -- Lawbreaking ‘fact of our existence' -- As an outsider: Grad school make new merits -- WSU Sociology professor calls Black man’s situation 'damned' / Bob Jordan -- Foreign trade leader to speak to WSU students -- Reynolds executive will speak during secretary seminar here -- Non-credit engineering course begins -- Prize-winning poet will read works -- Music faculty awarded honor for teaching -- Kiser's Korner / Mike Kiser -- Kappa Sigma set for third annual cage tournament -- WSU golfers open season with victory over E-State -- Track team concludes indoor season with strong KSU effort / Mike Kiser -- Badminton doubles play to begin Wednesday night -- WSU nefmen to compete on Drake indoor courst -- Shockerettes close gymnastics season -- Armstrong named to North squad for star game
Photograph(s): Mystery: This mysterious object first appeared on campus yesterday morning in front of Neff Hall. / photo by Brett Sloan. p. 1 -- Poster theft: All but three posters have been lifted from canvass [sic] in the Stairway Art Gallery. / photo by Paul Chauncey. p. 1 -- Jerry Denver. p. 7 -- Fred Burton: Pole-vaulter soared to 16-0 in a special exhibition, Saturday, at the Kansas State Invitational relays. p. 8
Wichita State University
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The Sunflower
v.72 no.42
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