Book review: Information 2.0, second edition: New models of information production, distribution and consumption

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Walker, Lizzy

Lizzy Walker Martin De Saulles. Information 2.0, Second Edition: New Models of Information Production, Distribution and Consumption. London: Facet Publishing, 2015. 192p. College & Research Libraries, May 2016 77:393-394


Martin De Saulles, principal lecturer in digital marketing at the University of Brighton, UK, provides a solid examination of the digital information landscape and discusses the implications of technological changes in the information industry and professionals in his book, Information 2.0: New Models of information Production, Distribution, and consumption. He covers such topics as computing and information trends from the last two decades; the dynamic nature of the industry; the increasing use of social media, open access, and cloud storage; businesses transitioning from creating one type of information service or equipment to others; and the vital role of information professionals throughout.

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