The Sunflower, v.78, no.32 (February 12, 1974)

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The Sunflower, v.78 no.32. Wichita, Kansas, February 12, 1974. - 24 pages

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Article(s): Docking reinstates WSU cash / Dan Bearth -- Ecology and money are recycling merits / Robbie Curry -- Appeal of book fines studied -- Energy crisis may reduce chances for summer jobs -- 4 bits, box top buys career -- Mass transit - it’s not right in Wichita -- Kelly Pinkham's view: Private oil and the energy crisis, III / Kelly Pinkham -- 4-week sessions offered: Summer school made flexible -- Small cars sell big: Fuel crisis dooms lorge cars -- Seek volunteers: ACTION schedules WSU drive -- Movie review: 'Sleeper' not Allen's best / J. Paul Porter -- Veteran's corner -- Acupuncture is being used on race horses / Ron Roach -- CAC takes first at MU -- Shocks sing the late game blues / Rick Plumlee -- Matrimony, Sunflower style
Photograph(s): Big cars have seen better days. What will happen to those gaseaters now? p. 7 -- WSU campus '74