The Sunflower, v.53, no.12 (December 4, 1947)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.53, no.12, Wichita, Kansas, December 4, 1947 - 12 pages
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Article(s): Fairy opera is a lavish production -- Scheduling will begin -- Double parked cars will be towed away at students' expense -- Council will protest discrimination in Valley sports -- W.U. concert tonight features duo-piano team -- Crum gets staff post -- Campus political power to be tested tomorrow as students go to polls -- U.N. group holds meet -- "Sports" is theme of next pep convo -- Roundabout the campus -- Club corner / Betty -- YWCA missionary speaks in Commons -- Pi Kap pledges hold party for actives -- Annual ROTC military ball to be season's first formal -- Society honors 12 with dinner today -- Student folk dance is Monday evening; class meets Sunday -- Building plan is discussed -- Holiday baking chore to be demonstrated -- Gad!: W.U. requirements less than most 220 colleges surveyed -- 'Blithe Spirit' tryout scheduled this week -- Newspapers go on tour -- Ohio State adopts program banishing free elective plan -- Rotary Club to lend money to students -- Recess!: Coe College offers students a day off to think things out -- Alumni council picks reception chairman -- Parking problem continues regardless of past measures -- Chow!: Cafeteria personnel plan digestable diet for football squad -- It's time to act -- New at the Library -- Station WU is radio voice of the University -- Veterans' news / C. O. Taylor -- WU students back committee investigating Hollywood Reds -- Navy offers ensign rank -- Students need help of guidance experts in picking vocations -- Opera date moved to avoid conflict -- New building houses engineering classes -- Rifle team starts soon -- University students invited to meeting of Logopedics Institute -- Fewer GIs enter school -- Dr. Palmer speaks at judges meeting -- College education shifts to citizenship - Hekhuis -- Conform or!: Pittsburgh U. deans wage conduct drive for campus dignity -- Station WU installs new wire-recorder -- Sexton wins high award from KANS -- Binford's cagers ready for big season: Cage squad ends worry about height -- Change activity ticket for forum basketball games -- ROTC performance given at halftime of Thanksgiving game -- Shockers beat giant team -- Textile styling sells material more swiftly than inherent quality -- University to play its first bowl game: Raisin Bowl bid accepted by Shockers -- Gammas win sacred keg -- Oregon State College president qualifying for pilot's license -- McMillin speaks!: Ex-gov. Schoeppel presents awards to Sexton at banquet -- Independents first in intramural race -- Two downtown clubs hold speech contests -- ROTC moves into unfinished armory -- Plans made by organists -- Unaffiliates battle for Friday election with unique posters -- Navy offers 100 billets in Reserve
Photograph(s): Zella Dustin and Gloria Fetters, above, will sing the title roles in the forthcoming opera, "Hansel and Gretel" to be presented in the University Auditorium next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 8:30 p.m. p. 1 -- Plans for presentation of Honorary Colonel Persis Bonjour are being discussed by University R.O.T.C. staff members. Col. Bonjour will be honored at the annual military ball in the Beech Employees Clubhouse Saturday. Talking about the dance are Col. B. T. Beeler, left, Maj. Eddie Robertson, Col. Persia Bonjour, Maj. Oscar Aderholdt, Capt. Glenn Burrows, and Capt. Edgar Glotsbach. p. 1 -- Staff members of Station WU: (Top left picture) Wayne Barrington gets advice from Don Willliams; (top right picture) Dan Dwyer, Bill Veldt, and Jim Young; (second row photo, left) Les Rosen and Hal Leffler discussing material for daily show; (second row photo, right) Barbara Dunlap, Jim Martin, and Betty Heft preparing a wire copy; Jack Campbell on air (third row, left picture); (third row, right picture) Glenn Lobaugh (seated) puts program on air while Bob Barns looks on; (fourth row, left picture) Doug Conrod and Maxine Moore; (fourth row, right picture) Frank McMasters. p. 6 -- Linwood Sexton: Number 66 becomes his. p. 9 -- Six foot five inch centers Ray McCaslin and Dick Mullen have solved the height problem for Shocker cage coach Mel Binford whose charges journey to Emporia State Saturday in the second game of the 1947 basketball season. p. 10 -- Linwood Sexton rips off a long gain before being stopped in the Colorado College game which the Shockers took 62-6. "Scooterbug" Ray Morrison puts on a key block just as Sexton is brought to a halt. p. 11 -- Orien Dalley: He will conduct. p. 12
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The Sunflower
v.53 no.12
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