The Sunflower, v.53, no.17 (January 29, 1948)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.53, no.17, Wichita, Kansas, January 29, 1948. - 12 pages
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Article(s): Ten housing units open on Friday -- Commissions to pre-grads -- Parnassus dance slated for Monday -- Ten teams off to O.U. -- Munich students thankful to campus UNESCO for aid -- N. Coward's 'Blithe Spirit' on tonight -- Meloy heads W.U. council -- Bell, 'radical independent' is Forum speaker Tuesday -- Polio drive boxes remain until Friday -- Band needs 31 players -- Curtain call or cry -- Webster fraternity re-elects Robinson; Beth Jones heads D.O. -- Six alumni members of Mu Phi appointed delegates to confab -- Bob Langenwalter is elected to command Scabbard and Blade -- Frat preferencing to be done Saturday -- Wyatt re-elected W.I.S.A. president -- Another queen?: Vaughn will crown 'Wheaties Sweetie'; dance after game -- Campus jigsaw: City bosses earn pat on back; 'red ink' delays dance -- Varied tastes shown in water art display -- Typed on a Wednesday / Bill Fein -- 'Buddy, can I bum a fag?' will draw blood at N.Y.U. -- New name adopted for church group -- Insurance plan pays expense of mishaps to student's parents -- Fitzpatrick heads demos -- Five teams tied for top -- Art exhibit displayed in lobby of Library -- Shocker cagemen topple three times; skid into cellar slot -- Shockers get Valley win over Tulsa, 54-48 during road trip -- Trimble cancels plans for wrestling team; intramural meet soon -- Cagers face oldest rival -- Neve chosen new mentor -- A.A.U.P. has panel meet -- New course change process is adopted for next semester
Photograph(s): Reconstruction of Munich University buildings is being conducted by students attending the college in Germany. Students are shown above clearing the rubble around one of the buildings where classes are now being conducted. Wichita students have "adopted" the German university through the campus U.N.E.S.C.O. as part of a nation wide program designed to bring educational rehabilitation to Europe. p. 1 -- "Blithe Spirit" opens a three-night campus run tonight at 8:30 in the University Auditorium backed by an experienced cast. They are from left, front row, Mickey Johnson, Barbara Dunlap, Anita Faye Lallement, and Pat Whitaker; back row, left, Jim Stearns, Jack Campbell, and Joy Ann Redfield. p. 1 -- Norvall Neve. p. 12
Includes Collegiate Digest photograph(s): Barbara Jo Walker (right), Miss America of 1947, at Memphis State College football game with her parents. p. 5 -- Gene Hermanksi, Brooklyn Dodgers, prepares a column on the world series for the newspaper of Seton Hall College. Gene Collins and Frank McNally look on. p. 5 -- Three basketball players attempting to get a rebound in a game between Drake and Oklahoma A&M. p. 5 -- Rutgers University students engaging in the country's first collegiate pipe-smoking contest. p. 5 -- Pictured at the freshman class wiener roast at Waynesburg (Pa.) College are Jim Harvey and Betty Riefer. p. 5 -- Long distance learning: David Greenburg of Tel Aviv, Palestine, and Newtonville, Mass., listening to lectures at Boston College from a hospital bed while recovering from a spine operation. p. 6 -- Gloria Stevenson (left) and Pat McCabe (right), St. Mary-of-the-Woods College, pictured with Joan Timpco. p. 6 -- Bill Jepson, Denver University, training as a radio commentator. p. 6 -- Alan Malcher, N.Y.U.; Kathleen Marshall and Jerry Hayne, Washington U., St. Louis; Gideon Seymour, Minneapolis Star and Tribune; Bower Hawthorn, Minneapolis Tribune; and Shelly Akers and Dee Speed, University of Maryland. p. 6 -- William Bruce and wife, Ima Jean, with daughter Jeanine, on the steps of their trailer of the campus of California State Polytechnic College. p. 6 -- Erik Bye of Oslo, Norway teaching a class in Scandinavian culture at Midland College, Fremont, Neb. p. 7 -- Dan Dunwoody and Jules Green with B.A. Smith and Gerry Smith at the annual "Old South Ball" at Mercer University, Macon, Ga. p. 7 -- Sixteen-month-old Harold Crim with his father, Ivan [Crim], University of Florida. p. 7 -- Model U.N. officers at Cornell University, Lebnard Lehman, Martha McKelvey, and Alvin Arnold. p. 7 -- Charles Jordan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, looking at his futuristic model car. p. 8 -- Jean Burke posing with three sets of twins: James and John Wheaton, James and John Cochran, and James and John Penney at Occidental College, Los Angeles. p. 8 -- 2nd Lt. Norbert Weisend, 1st Lt. Edward Vallish, Capt. Paul Howard, 2nd Lt. Robert Cleary, and 1st Lt. Walter Eckert, University of Akron Air Force association, planning next flight. p. 8 -- Mary Bei-li Loh, of Shanghai, China and Georgia State College, sitting at football game with Cadet Major Robert Ledbetter of Georgia Military College. p. 8 -- Esther Williams, Brown University, in arm with Don Kauth. Gov. John D. Pastore (right). p. 8 -- Cookie McCook, Betty Renegar, Joan Ryan, Ruth Blatteis, and Philippa Garcia in water-skiing class at Floria Southern College, Lakeland, Fla. p. 8
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v.53 no.17
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