A knowledge-based advisory system for statistical quality control

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Masud, Abu S.M.
Thenappan, M.S.

Abu S.M. Masud, M.S. Thenappan. A knowledge-based advisory system for statistical quality control. International Journal of Production Research v. 31, no.8 (1993): pp 1891-1900. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/00207549308956830.


Implementation of an effective quality management system requires the ready availability of expert statistical quality control (SQC) practitioners. However, this expertise may be unavailable to many small- and medium-size manufacturing organizations. Knowledge-based systems (KBS) can be used to make SQC expertise easily available to these organizations. This paper describes a KBS that has been developed for providing assistance in: (1) the selection and design of appropriate quality control charts; (2) the process monitoring analyses; and (3) providing corrective advice based on the monitoring analyses results. The KBS runs on a microcomputer and has been developed using a commercially available development shell.

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