Journal of Multivariate Experimental Personality and Clinical Psychology, v.10 no.1 (complete version)

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Journal of Multivariate Experimental Personality and Clinical Psychology. v.10, no.1. Ed. Charles Burdsal. Wichita, Kansas: Wichita State University, Dept. of Psychology, 1991

Table of Content
Pilots who crash: Personality constructs underlying accident prone behavior of fighter pilots / Charles L. Lardent, Jr. -- Determining a 16PF profile and four-point codes for mental-health center clients / Katharine B. Williams, Fred H. Wallbrown, and Ellen K. Reuter -- Item analysis of the subscales in the Eight State Questionnaire (8SQ): Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses / Gregory J. Boyle -- Sex and age interactions with the structured interview global Type A behavior pattern and hostility in the prediction of health behaviors / T.E. Dielman, S.L. Leech, M.V. Miller, and Gordon E. Moss -- Book review: The 16PF: Personality in depth / Fred H. Wallbrown
The first issue of the Journal of Multivariate Experimental Personality and Clinical Psychology edited by Charles Burdsal. Managing editor: Jeanne Burdsal. Consulting editors: Richard Alumbaugh, A.R. Baggaley, J.W. Bardo, Keith Barton, Brian Bolton, Gregory J. Boyle, Jeffery B. Brookings, Dennis Child, Richard Coan, Jacob Cohen, T.E. Dielman, R.M. Dreger, Norman S. Endler, I.M. Evans, R.L. Gorsuch, Richard Harris, Joseph B. Hughey, M.J. Klingsporn, James Laughlin, Jersey Liang, Gregory J. Meissen, W.L. Morrison, K.W. Schaie, L.R. Schmidt, Robert A. Steer, M.M. Tatsuoka, Itai Zak
Digitized and published in SOAR:Shocker Open Access Repository by Wichita State University Libraries Technical Services.