The Sunflower, v.81, no.08 (September 10, 1976)

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The Sunflower, v.81 no. 8. Wichita, Kansas, September 10, 1976. - 12 pages.

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Article(s): Arena rentals: Use policy fuzzy, contract sought / Dan Close -- WSU students seek school board seat / Mike Heckman -- Student Senate appoints two to ICAA after debate: Koerner, Conlon win appointments following review of qualifications / W. E. Turner -- Try one, you might get a job -- University sponsors urbans studies seminar -- Kansas Health Day focuses upon rural health care needs and solutions -- Images: The Sunflower literary page: Review: 'Sisters' traces life experience / Barb Bihlmaier -- Feminist author joins KMUW staff -- Pre-baroque ensemble interests Latin musician -- Polish musician: Violist joins WSU music staff -- Saxophonist fills position in WSU’s music school -- Pushovers? : Northern Illinois is husky / Steve Pike -- Volleyball coach ready for the best -- Love - love: Talented women's tennis squad faces tough tests -- MVC battles Big Eight: title contenders tow line
Photograph(s): Mystery: Why isn't this building smiling? Maybe it's because of the controversy surrounding its rental by WSU student groups. Then again, maybe not. / photo by Mick McGee. p. 1 -- Bull's-eye: Coed Pam Gray gazes after the arrow she has just released into flight in hopes it will find its target. / photo by Mick McGee. p. 2 -- Patricia Risely. p. 6 -- Sharon Girard. p. 6 -- Jerry Kosmala. p. 7 -- [Fumiyoshi] Maezawa. p. 7 -- Volley: The ball explodes in a blur of speed off Becky McIntire's crossed arms. / phot by Mick McGee. p. 10 -- Backhand: Women's intercollegiate tennis team member Nora Walsh moves into position to return a volley. / photo by Tom Metzen. p. 11