The Sunflower, v.81, no.50 (February 2, 1977)

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The Sunflower, v.81 no. 50. Wichita, Kansas, February 2, 1977. - 8 pages

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Article(s): Fraternities warming to fire safety / bob Linder -- Seventh in a series: Who's in charge? / W. E. Turner -- Deaf student attuned to life / Mary Angelee Smith -- Black artist’s murals criticize American life -- Erotic, religious imagery: Film disrobes revolutionary spirit -- KMUW news airs a new sound -- University record / Elizabeth P. Clark -- First fight: Shocks to battle Bulldogs / Steve Pike -- Wildkittens scratch weak Shocks / Hubert Hunt
Photograph(s): Fractured art: Mangled, battered, cracked and smudged, this female mannequin, staring vacantly in 207 McKnight, provides several different samplings of surface textures for art students to duplicate. / photo by Gil Ramsey. p. 1 -- Welcome: A Bicentennial series of murals, by Benny Andrews, who is gazing fixedly from beneath the drooping foliage, offers a critical interpretation of American life. p. 5