Enhanced secured authentication protocol for RFID systems

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Jafri, Asad Abbas
Pendse, Ravi

In this current era of change and revolutionary development every technology has passed on its successor and so has the barcodes. Barcodes have been there for decades and have been used in various products and these can be found in our daily life. The extensive use of barcodes is there in everyday life but the issues faced by them led to the invention of RFID-Radio Frequency Identification Tags. RFID were commercialized not before the early 1990s when the industrialists requested for its availability to the general public so that they can utilize so as to ease their tasks. One of the most important use of RFID came into play in supply chain and warehousing. These were the areas where the object was in a constant motion and there was also a dire need to quantize and track such objects. Like every technology introduced has its setbacks, so does the RFID Tags. The RFID Tags being a baby technology and still in a phase of reformation RFID is facing a major security issue, as it works in a open wireless environment and the current security features have been poor with respect to energy conservation, scalability, time and money. For a place where electronic flow of information is the order of the day, there always has been a sense of security so as to protect the information, while containing time to nano of seconds. This paper similarly focuses on securing RFID communication, and our paper suggests a method that would not only secure the information but would also conserve time and energy. Various methods have been proposed but all are complex and require processing at the Tag, whereas our method takes the calculation and the complexity and sets it at the RFID Access Point.

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Thesis [M.S] - Wichita State University, College of Engineering, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Science Engineering