Informal learning strategies of international students seeking to learn English via mass and/or social media

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Mahajaroenkul, Satjaporn
Dooley, Patricia L.

This thesis investigates how English as a second language (ESL) university students benefitted from their use of mass and/or social media in their informal language learning as they prepared to come to the United States. In addition, the thesis was designed to explore whether respondents' use of mass and social media in their informal second language learning supports Stephen Krashen's second language acquisition theory. Using a survey methodology, a questionnaire was designed concerning what mass and/or social media international students used as they sought to learn English before arriving at their university, how much time they spent doing so, and other related concerns. In summary, the thesis's research demonstrates that the self-learning strategies of the ESL students surveyed in the research involved the use of mass and social media, particularly movies and other audio-visual resources, and that these practices consisted of activities that support Krashen's second language acquisition theory.

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Thesis (M.A.)--Wichita State University, Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Elliott School of Communication