The Sunflower, v.76, no.26 (December 10, 1971)

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The Sunflower, v.76 no.26. Wichita, Kansas, December 10, 1971. - 8 pages

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Article(s): SGA sees itself in mirror, questions its own importance / Kevin Cook -- Of National Youth Caucus: End Nixon, war top goals -- Students give reactions to trial closing of Yale in front of CAC / Max Evans -- SEF participation good, coordinators 'learned a lot' -- During semester break: Tour group to play rural Kansas -- Library starts guidelines after semester woes -- Dancing life takes dedication: Famed dancers lead ballet / Sandi Hoben -- Campus group hopes to form state higher education lobby -- Sunflower comments: Real bubble burst; No popularity contest; Lend your support -- 'Living on bailing wire': Crew gripes about vehicles / Bil Whitehead -- VETAC aims to help vets get education and training -- Cadet's wishes met. most choose combat -- Beer tentatively gets nod, prexy approval pending -- Shocks face ten teams: Break competition to be strong -- All-American Bracey leads Tulsa lettermen -- Shocks topple second big eight opponent -- Shockers prepare for indoor track season
Photograph(s): Last ditch effort: With final exams only a few days away, Yolanda McPherson and Bob Haffley discover Ablah Library and its proper use. p. 2 -- Forward Vince Smith (l), center Bill Lang: Smith's first half, Lang's second helped in win over CU. p. 7