The Sunflower, v.64, no.45 (April 5, 1960)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.64, no.45, Wichita, Kansas, April 5, 1960. - 4 pages

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Article(s): Pre-election political pitch runs high: Party field dwindles; 2-plus vie -- Cerf talk set for tonight -- Next stage presentation to begin April 28 -- Easter party scheduled for Logo center -- Dr. Palmer tours Japan -- Speech prof elected officer of honorary -- Symphonic band plans Kansas tour April 7-8 -- SGA elections slated for Thursday - Friday -- '60 summer session brochure available -- The right to vote -- Library week to be observed -- Cessna firms to interview -- Fashions for spring feature mix and match, old and new -- OSU coed elected Rifles sweetheart -- Campus capers /Carol Chambers -- New records for CAC -- Debaters to meet K-State -- 6 trophies to be given for skits -- CAC displays prize photos
Photograph(s): Phillip Saunsaucie; Marlene Samra; Frank Vannerson. p. 1 -- Nuclear weapons ban?: That was the question being discussed by students enrolled in a radio and television news class instructed by George Gow, as they present a KMUW-FM radio panel discussion. From left to right are Bill Kentling, Carolyn Fitzpatrick, Jim Collier, Vaughn Sink, moderator; Bob Pope, Chuck Williams, and Henry Hall. / photo by Gary Herlocker. p. 1 -- Top brass: Crowned Regimental Sweetheart Friday night, Linda Trucker, O-State freshman, is flanked by national, regimental, and local commanders. p. 3