The Sunflower, v.66, no.08 (October 10, 1961)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.66, no.8, Wichita, Kansas, October 10, 1961. - 4 pages

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Article(s): Mortar Board blurb offers financial facts to students -- Italian delegates plan visit to WU campus -- Sue, Sam candidates announced -- Warm-up set for debaters -- Foreign students in US show record increase -- SG meet cancelled [sic] -- ME dept. accredited -- Noted German to lecture here Friday -- Editorial views: An invitation to think -- NAACP elects new officers -- Sanity of stones / Ron Smith -- Student admission panic unfounded at Kansas U. -- The readers speak: Shopworn phrase cited by student / David S. Nelson -- ISA offers members participation in many campus social functions / Linda Gummow -- In one ear / Janna Wassweiler -- Fall pledge class officers announced by campus Greeks -- First YWCA meet slated -- Something for everyone: Casting, painting project planned by Experimental Theatre Group -- Disarmament advocates walk 6,000 miles for freedom -- WU International Students schedule Thursday meet -- Band day set for Saturday -- Naval aviation men plan campus visit -- Officers elected to WU Flying Club
Photograph(s): Ron Smith, who has been writing satirical humor for the Sunflower since last Jan., will offer readers something different beginning today. p. 1 -- Kyoko Makino (left) and Kyoko Ando : WU foreign students. p. 1 -- Numerous social events highlight the University chapter of the Independent Student's Association's agenda for this year. Located on Sorority Row, this is the only ISA chapter in the United States with a house. p. 3
"Introducing 'Sanity of Stones' See Page Two"