Effects of subgingival irrigation with chlorhexidine on the periodontal status of patients with HA-coated integral dental implants

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Lavigne, S.E.
Krust-Bray, K.S.
Williams, K.B.
Killoy, W.J.
Theisen, F.

The International journal of oral & maxillofacial implants. 1994 Mar-Apr; 9(2): 156-62.


The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of chlorhexidine irrigation on the periodontal status of patients with HA-coated dental implants as measured by clinical, microbiological, and immunological measures. Thirty non-adjacent implants were randomly assigned to receive a one-time irrigation with either 0.12% chlorhexidine or sterile saline, or no irrigation. All parameters were measured at baseline, 2, 5, and 8 weeks. Results showed no significant differences between any treatment modalities at any time interval. A statistically significant decrease in probing depth (P < .05) occurred within the chlorhexidine and no-treatment groups at all time intervals compared to baseline.

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