2004-11-08 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of November 8, 2004. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2004-2005, v.18
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Agenda: (Informal statements and proposals) -- (President's report) -- (Committee reports): A. Rules / Chris Brooks -- B. Academic Affairs / Joyce Cavarozzi: 1. X/F Grading proposal from SGA -- (Old business): A. Handbook for Faculty-- Chapter 4, rev (2nd reading) -- B. Grievance Procedures, rev. (2nd Reading): Section 4.502 -- (New business): A. Donald Beggs: University Update -- B. General Education Committee: Committee update / Paul York -- C. WSU General Education Program: Program update / Don Blakeslee
Attachments: Student Government Association Academic Committee "XF Grade Policy Proposal"
Minutes: Summary of action: 1. Accepted the proposal from SGA for X/F grading with understanding it would be refined and come back to the Senate -- 2. Accepted the following committee appointments: Academic Affairs: Paul Harrison, Business (07); General Education: Denise Celestin, Fine Arts (07); Exceptions: Mehmet Barut, Business (06); & Asrat Teshome, Engineering (05) -- (Informal statements and proposals): Proposal from the Library Committee / Phil Parker -- (President's report): 1. November 18 KBOR meeting will focus on a) concurrent enrollment and b) Faculty/Staff Tuition assistance. He noted that the Faculty Audit would also look at English Proficiency -- 2. President-Elect Brooks was following up on preliminary data received from the Book Store regarding the proposed SGA Textbook Adoption Policy -- 3. Discussion of the need for software to discover plagiarism -- (Committee reports): A. Rules: See summary of action / Chris Brooks --B. Academic Affairs: See summary of action / Joyce Cavarozzi -- (Old business): (Postponed to 11/22/04 meeting) A. Handbook for Faculty, Chapter 4, rev. (1st reading) / JoLynne Campbell -- B. Grievance Procedures, Section 4.502 rev. (1st reading) / Will Klunder -- (New business): A. University Update / President Donald Beggs -- B. General Education Committee / Paul York -- C. Assessment for basic skills was in draft form / Don Blakeslee
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