The Sunflower, v.80, no.78 (May 3, 1976)

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The Sunflower, v.80 no. 78. Wichita, Kansas, May 3, 1976. - 8 pages.

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Article(s): Wheelchair ride aids handicapped -- WSU students stalk the wild / Jim Fisher -- WSU to sponsor animal photo workshop -- Veteran's corner -- Seminar may be cancelled -- Just off 17th Street / Marsh Galloway -- TenElshof will leave rich legacy / Paula R. Brocklesby -- Varsity pours it on Alumni, one-sided game a yawner / Steve Pike -- Track team wins, loses in Arkansas
Photograph(s):The pickin' an' grinnin' drew attentive listeners to WSU's Heritage of Frontier America Festival this weekend. More photos appear on page 5. / photos by Mike Conover. p. 1 -- Reverend Richard Kretzchmar talks to Free University students on their weekend "Wild Edible Plant Campout." / photo by Brian Corn. p. 1 -- WSU President Clark Ahlberg encounters difficulties which handicapped students face daily on campus. George Piatt, director of planning, maneuvers Ahlberg over a curb during Friday's tour of the campus. / photo by Brian Corn. p. 3 -- Heritage of Frontier America Festival. / photos by Mike Conover. p. 5 -- The WSU Varsity’s defensive unit psychs itself up before another play. Leading the adrenalin-boosting is Ron Langston, linebacker. The defense paid off, holding the Alumni to only a field goal ten seconds before halftime. / photo by Pete Beren. p. 7 -- Don Klos (number 20) carries for the Shocker Alumni, eluding one tackier and trying to scoot to the outside. Doug Drake (number 46) looks for the angle on Klos. / photo by Pete Beren. p. 7