International relations : an introduction

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Farnsworth, David N. (David Nelson), 1929-2020
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International relations
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This book attempts to take some of the confusion and fear out of studying international relations. This is done by analyzing central concepts such as power and nationalism, by looking at the various ways in which the international system can be organized, by describing the principal sources of conflict in the system, and by investigating the sources and transfers of the weapons of war. This book also follows the development of diplomacy and its use to control day-to-day conflict as well as in crisis management. Institutions designed to limit or even resolve conflict, such as international organizations and international law, are also discussed in the quest for a better understanding of international relations.

David was born in Cullison, Kansas in 1929 to Frank Lister Farnsworth and Laura Axline. Both his mother and grandfather were educators. He attended the University of Wichita, where he met the love of his life, Rita Eileen Lowe. They were married in 1950 while David completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees. They later moved to Illinois, where he completed his doctorate at the University of Illinois. David spent his entire career at Wichita State University. Starting in 1956, he devoted forty years to teaching, writing, and administration. Teaching was his passion, and he eventually won every teaching award that was available to WSU faculty. He was an especially accomplished lecturer, and often spoke to the general public on a wide range of international topics. He had a gift for explaining complex and divisive problems in a way that was clear and accessible to everyone. His academic field was international politics. He was an expert on the Panama Canal, having written a book on the subject with his close friend and colleague, James McKenney. He also wrote a popular textbook on international relations that went through two editions. A frequent traveler, he spent a year in New Zealand as a Fulbright scholar. A lifetime admirer of the U.S. military, he had an encyclopedic knowledge of military history. He taught for a year at the Air War College, the senior professional education school of the U.S. Air Force. David had a calm charisma and dry humor that helped him navigate complex university politics and bring people together. Although primarily a professor, he was on occasion called upon to fill administrative positions. He served as Chair of Political Science, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Interim Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Director of General Studies. He also served on numerous committees and was Vice President of the Faculty Senate. For four years he was a governor appointee to the Kansas Supreme Court Nominating Commission which is responsible for recommending qualified individuals for appointment to the Kansas Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.
2nd edition.
Farnsworth, D. N. International relations. An introduction. 2. ed. Chicago : Nelson-Hall, 1992. xi, 381 p. ill. , 24 cm
Nelson-Hall, Chicago
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