Interaction robot action planning on omni-surface through visualization and touching

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Pethkar, Varun
Yan, Fujian
Chavez, Edgar
He, Hongsheng
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Artificial Intelligence
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Pethkar, Varun, Yan, Fujian, Chavez, Edgar, He, Hongsheng. Interaction robot action planning on omni-surface through visualization and touching. -- Fyre in STEM Showcase, 2022.

With growing industries adopting new systems and interactive machinery to execute their projects, there is another growing industry to supply these demands using artificial intelligence and structures that implement augmented reality for effective real-time application. The major challenge that these engineers, who supply industries with technology, face is that of a method of incorporating their technology with an efficient interactive system, i.e., a simple way for the industrial labour to use that technology for maximum efficacy and to draw out a healthy profit, which implies that the supplied system must not only be at the top of the market, having the most innovative system, but it also needs to be at an affordable price, utilizing a minimalistic interface. In order to tackle this, we use Lampix, which is a widely accessible software that converts any flat surface into an interactive one. We use a projector type of augmented reality, using Lampix in order to set-up an interface between the mechanical array and the interactive system. In order to maximize input efficiency, the interface can also take vocal commands and convert them into a robotic action using speech-to-text and keyword analysis. This allows the user to use any type of input that they think would be better in depending on the work to be done. Taking all this into account, we have designed a layout for the interactive omni-surface that is both easy to use and uses augmented reality and visualization in order to aid the mechanical array to execute its workload precisely. This system-interface interaction is one where any sort of industry or household workload can be implemented for both manual and automated assignments.

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Poster and abstract presented at the FYRE in STEM Showcase, 2022.
Research project completed at the Department of Aerospace Engineering and School of Computing.
Wichita State University
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FYRE in STEM 2022
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