Bullying and victimization among out-of-home and LGBT youth

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Moreno, Desirae A.
Snyder, James J.

Peer bullying and victimization involving youth in out of home placement (OOH) and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth were investigated in this study, as well as how parenting, peer relationships, and school support affect a youth’s bully or victim status. Participants were high school students enrolled in Dane County schools during the 2008-2009 school year. Total sample size was 16,766 with 560 (3%) identifying as OOH, 1539 (9%) identifying as LGBT, and 113 (1%) identifying as both OOH+LGBT. Results indicated higher levels of 30 day victimization and 30 day bullying for OOH youth as compared to non-OOH youth, LGBT youth as compared to non-LGBT youth, and OOH+LGBT youth as compared to OOH only or LGBT only youth. The impact of parenting, peer relationships, and school support on bullying and victimization was similar for all youth; however, OOH, LGBT, and OOH+LGBT youth reported significantly lower mean levels of positive support from each of these sources compared to their non-OOH and non-LGBT counterparts.

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Thesis (Ph.D.)--Wichita State University, College of Arts and Sciences, Dept. of Psychology