The Sunflower, v.61, no.50 (April 26, 1957)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.61, no.50, Wichita, Kansas, April 26, 1957. - 4 pages
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Article(s): SC resets election, hears Constitution / Alex Mitchell -- Home ec building has unique spot on campus -- Pep leader semi-finals -- Young Demos to sponsor 'Right to Work' debate -- Field Day to be held here May 1 -- WU students to conduct symphony -- 43 to receive degrees from Graduate School -- Accountants plan meet -- Editorials: The disenfranchised grads; University steps forward -- Answers in a jiffy: Math now made easy-that is, by machines / Richard Stites -- Diaz wins ISA honor -- Harvard rep. sets senior interviews -- Social-lites / Kathy Rhodes -- 'Talking sense' to be viewed -- Pat Davis receives Mortar scholarship -- 47 scholars to vie for WU scholarships -- 'War' staged on campus in gymnasium / Alex Mitchell -- 1,000 firms will receive business school directory -- New budget prepared -- 'Mural meet opens Tuesday -- Journalism photo field day scheduled here for Monday -- Engineering council election are due Monday -- Graduate student's exhibit ends today
Photograph(s): Futurama, the home economics department open house, will take place Saturday in the new home economics building. The building, located on the northeast area of the campus, is one of the newest additions to the University. p. 1 -- Just right for eating are the cream puffs being taken from the oven by Carolyn Scott, Liberal Arts freshman. The modern, all-electric kitchen is only one of the many facilities to be on display during the department's open house, Saturday, in the new home economics building. p. 3
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The Sunflower
v.61 no.50
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