Radio in the classroom

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Hayden, Sister Mary I.

This treatise of the radio as an educational factor in the classroom is intended to be an introductory and provocative suggestion of what may be accomplished; to indicate some ways in which teachers are taking the radio into account in their teaching, with emphasis on the achievement of leaders in the field rather than a conclusive survey of what has been done. The radio as an educational agency is growing in popularity and will be supplemented each year by larger and more programs for classroom use. The value of the radio in the classroom should be determined not only on the basis of its direct contribution but also in terms of interest it arouses, activities it stimulates, information it imparts, and attitudes it creates. Educators have it in their power to cultivate an appreciation of the higher standards of radio material and to enhance and crystallize their cultural values in an educational program.

Table of Content
Introduction -- Objectives of radio in the classroom -- Problems arising with classroom use of radio -- Radio programs in the classroom -- Examples of radio progams -- Radio programs avaiable to schools -- Sources of information -- Future trends -- Forecast of leaders in the field -- Bibliography -- Suplementary bibliography
Thesis (M.A.)-- University of Wichita, College of Education, Dept. of Education