Journal of Management & Engineering Integration, v.13, no.1 (Summer)

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Association for Industry, Engineering and Management Systems (AIEMS)
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Management , Industry , Industrial engineering , Manufacturing engineering
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Journal of Management & Engineering Integration, v.13, no.1 (Summer). Ed. Ron Barrett- Gonzalez. Wichita, KS, 2020
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Analytics, accounting and big data: Enhancing accounting education / Fred K. Augustine, Jr., Joseph Woodside, Monica Mendoza and Valrie Chambers -- Modeling customer behavior using agent-based simulation for Internet of Things environment / Mohammed Basingab -- Addressing corrugated board warp with 2³ factorial design / Robert S. Keyser and Lois A. Jordan -- Applications of additive manufacturing in construction industry: A literature review / Abdelhakim A. Al Turk and Gamal S. Weheba -- Entrepreneurial psychology: Revisiting the PSYCH 101 course / Aryanne de Silva, Dennis Ridley and Sarah Green -- A systems engineering framework for integration of cognitive ergonomics in Smart Factory configurations / Lauren Drankoff and Sharon Bommer -- Accessing the internet service providers in Egypt / Khaled S Abdallah and Yasmin Adel -- A critical analysis of the AIAG-VDA FMEA: Does the newly released AIAG-VDA method offer improvements over the former AIAG method? / Christopher Kluse -- A probabilistic dynamic programing model for determining optimum inventories / John Wang, Steve Bin Zhou and Zhi Pei -- Application of Markov models for decision making under uncertainty in the electric utility industry / Tettey Anyama, Hensley Kim and Gholston Sampson -- OMIR event type and frequency at a collegiate flight program / Brooke Wheeler, Kevin Redden, Davor Bonilla, Gregory Fox and Isaac Silver -- The effectiveness of Smart Compose: An artificial intelligent system / Matt Gnacek, Eric Doran, Sharon Bommer, and Philip Appiah-Kubi -- Drone delay: Consumer willingness to fly after awareness of recent UAS event / Brooke Wheeler, Nicolas Duboc, and Zachary St. Amand -- Using tolerance interval method as an alternate approach for monitoring process performance (Process capability) of surface roughness of gear tooth flanks to avoid grinding burns / Akaff S. Diam, Julie Z. Zhang and Ali E. Kashef -- A study of the effect of vibration on accuracy of 3D-printed parts via vat photopolymerization /Odai M. Nassar and Wilfredo Moscoso-Kingsley
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Association for Industry, Engineering and Management Systems (AIEMS)
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JMEI;v.13, no.1 (Summer)
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