Psychological mood states in children related to performance on a perceptual motor task

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Barton, Keith

Barton, K. (1978). Psychological Mood States in Children Related to Performance on a Perceptual Motor Task. Multivariate Experimental Clinical Research, 3(5), 219-231.


In order to assess the validity properties of Curran's Eight State Questionnaire (8SQ), 7th, 8th and 9th grade students were asked to perform on a perceptual motor task immediately after completing the state battery. Depending how they scored on each of the state scales (anxiety, regression, arousal, fatigue, introversion, stress and depression), the children were divided into High and Low groups. Performance measures consisted of distance completed in the task, number of errors made and an estimate of efficiency (errors per unit distance). In general, evidence of concrete validity for the pencil and paper state measures was found although it did not take the form originally hypothesized. Specifically, it was found that in many cases the High groups made significantly more errors than the Low groups (e.g. High anxiety vs. Low anxiety) but that usually no differences in efficiency were noted.

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