The Sunflower, v.55, no.21 (March 9, 1950)

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College newspapers and periodicals , Wichita (Kan.) -- Newspapers , Student publications , Wichita State University -- History , Administration building , Hekhuis, Lambertus , Marsh, T. Reese , Neff, Frank Amandus, 1879- , Wilkie, Grace , Corbin, Harry F. (Harry Finch), 1917-1990 , Finlayson, John D. , Foght, H. W. (Harold Waldstein), 1869- , Morrison, Nathan J. , Rollins, W. H. , Thayer, Henry Otis, 1832-1927 , Alumni Association , Missouri Valley Conference , Men's basketball , Women's basketball , Carnegie Library , The Commons , Communications Building , Enrollment , Downing, Jaquetta , Graham, Marie , Harbison, C. C. , Haymaker, Mary , Mood, Robert G. , Wilner, George , Fairmount College , Fairmount Hall , Fiske Hall , Men's glee club , Women's glee club , Homecoming , Independent Students Association (I.S.A.) , Foundation for Industrial Research , The Jinx , Morrison Hall , Morrison Library , School of Music , Orchestra , Parnassus , Pep groups , Science Hall , Shocker Stadium , Societies , Student Council elections , Theatre , Wheatshockers , Wind tunnels , Women's Athletic Association (W.A.A.)
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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.55, no.21, Wichita, Kansas, March 9, 1950. - 32 pages
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Article(s): President Corbin inaugurated today: Special ceremony to be given at students' 10:30 convocation -- Homer Rainey to talk here -- One set fee 23.50 dollar identification cards: Officials say new fee system is money saver -- Students may take medical test here -- Shocker Party wins election -- Down cards record failing grades only -- Students to obtain inauguration tickets -- Round about the campus / Joan Kallail -- Sororities' location named after Flora Clough, former Dean of Women, founder of group -- Jackman named board chairman -- Speech, journalism are in ex-cafeteria -- Webster pledges will sponsor barn dance tomorrow night -- Moo!: Bovine search on -- Tegeler picked honor captain -- Club corner: Election of officers highlights activities of campus societies -- Brothers compete in exhibition debate -- Rice opens campaign with campus speech -- Hangen and Mood elected at meet -- Shutter...: Photography group sponsoring contest for college 'Caseys' -- Final examination schedule released -- Logopedics use present day methods in speech correction / Dorothy Ludiker -- University Symphony plans St. Louis trip -- Deans Hekhuis, Sipple and students voice oinions...: Student government is basis of understanding -- Cadet absenteeism too great - Beeler -- A growing University -- Vox discipuli: University student states his request -- Sunflower book review / David Petticrew -- Finding markets for surplus U.S. farm crops is Professor Shumway's solution to subsidies / Joe Rochford -- Taggart attends father's funeral -- Summer Session has new courses -- University graduate writes math book -- Corbin ceremony today: Academic procession scheduled to open inauguration at 2:30 / Dorothy Ludiker -- Honor dinner to be served -- Delegates represent 161 groups -- Standish Hall will lead procession...: Delegates arrive from over nation -- Delegates register in Commons today -- Cameramen to take inaugural pictures -- 18 presidents here for day -- Colwell [to be] guest speaker -- Concert group to honor Corbin -- Highlight of 33 years: presidency of the University is climax to Corbin's career / Gerald Sheets -- President Corbin and hise wifre prove theory...: Friendship results in happiness / Dixie Schuler -- Mrs. Corbin's household duties still go on despite investiture / Peggy Schotemeyer -- Sister of president here for ceremony -- Your save...: Corbin, tennis ace, tours U.S. -- Regent envisions U of W growth -- Million [ineligible] for ceremony -- Sunflower staff commemorates event...: Special edition honors Corbin -- 25 below 1: Eskimo couple wed by President Corbin during Navy services -- Harry F. Corbin to be fourth to receive formal inauguration -- OU President Cross arrives this morning -- Board of Regents has 9 members -- Fairmount in Turkey originated in 1914 -- Research project originated in 1944 -- Program, invitations, publicity, and finance...: Seven groups plan president's inauguration / Bob Barber -- Copy boy!: Two press services, radio, local papers to cover investiture -- Two delegates here representing duos -- Dr. Read explains significance and history of academic dress / Leroy Hilgenberg -- Football history made in Wichita -- University seal designed by grad -- Football history made in Wichita -- First Shocker rally produces cheers, music, effigy-burn -- Wilkie joins staff in 1912 -- U of W proposed as college for youthful ladies in 1886 -- Economy: Tuition of 1892 was small compared to costs of today / Bill Hornish -- Pre-municipalization...: Three administrations show Fairmount G -- Nathan J. Morrison enlarges Fairmount from one building / Joe R. Ludiker -- Henry Thayer leads University, 1908-13; Succeeds Morrison / Bob Barber -- Walter H. Rollins, third president, serves six years / Joan Longorio -- Enrollment climbs from 12 to 3,000 -- Giveaway contest staged here in 1910 -- Post-municipalization...: University presidents promote school growth -- John D. Finlayson largely responsible for present school -- H. W. Foght serves seven-year term as campus president / Joe R. Ludiker -- Dr. W. M. Jardine reinstates school to good standing / Bobbie Booth -- University municipalized in '26; avoids merger with Washburn / August Sharp -- President's house opens in '39; Now occupied by Corbin family / John Frazier -- Fairmount C of E merger fails in '11 -- University Alumni Association performs many, varied services / Beulah Mullen -- Sunflower has been campus 'spokesman' for over 50 years -- Downtown U of W destroyed by fire -- Alumni stage annual reunion; First affair presented in 1899 -- School still has Fairmounters / Jack Brooks -- Fairmount features alumni gatherings -- Fiske Hall is oldest building; Once served as men's dorm -- Science building started in 1928 -- Henrion Gymnasium dedicated to Fairmount College in 1921 -- Parnassus published first time in 1903 -- Commons built November '36 -- Library constructed as seventh stage in building program -- Morrison Hall erected in 1908; Carnegie gave 40,000 dollar grant -- Administration presented, '30 -- Homage is extended to World War II vets -- One of 5 exchange students studies engineering at U of W / Chin-Ok Kim -- Campus answers 2 war challenges / Peggy Schotemeyer -- Fairmount Hall erected in 1887; Totally destroyed by fire in 1929 -- 1897 campus [ineligible] croquet sissy sport / David Petticrew -- Early campus dramas were open-air, 'atmosphere' affairs -- Alibi replaces old 'fountain' -- Goddesses too?: Greek mount Parnassus -- Homecoming begins in 1925 -- Early history of Music School marked by constant growth -- Thinner and tighter!: Men's, women's styles show drastic changes -- First 'Student Day' feature of '30 -- Barbs grow into ISA of today -- Greek organizations date back to late 1800s and Fairmount -- Women change sports tastes / Jean Walker -- Captain...: Golfer Al Littleton has experience and ability on links -- Track records might tumble / Joe Rochford -- Jimmy Nutter most versatile athlete in University's history / Harold J. Enns -- MV conference formed in 1907 / John Milcham -- LIU hits new high in scoring records -- South Carolina player sets scoring mark -- Shockers roll up III-0 victory over poor Christian university -- Night football played in 1905 -- Friendship!!: University coaches have been friends since college days -- Vets' Field is war memorial -- Kentucky sets mark for home cage wins -- Shocker's basketball record is impressive since 1905 initiation / Duane Shufelberger -- Women's basketball teams won four consecutive championships / Jean Walker -- 'Both athletics and literature have place,' says 1896 editorial / Al Alvarez -- Nickname of team started in 1904 -- Locals upset Kansas U. in '37; Army dropped Shockers in '38 / Bernie Boyer -- High school youth hits for 110 points -- Progress!!!: University students see new fields of sports competition -- Shocker frosh are unbeaten -- Co-owner of Manning's lunch has colorful athletic record -- Kunckle Boston...: Marbles, horseshoes among easier sports enjoyed here in 1917 / Jean Walker -- Eddie Kriwiel's groundgaining topped by only two in nation -- G. Richard Gottschalk travels to Madrid, Rome, and London -- Six University grads employed in Kansas schools this term -- Alumni groups elect officers -- 1949 graduate joins chemical company -- Arlo W. Mitchell plans to return -- Alpha Tau alumnae holds fashion show -- Toevs, 'most valuable player,' finishes his basketball career -- Intramural cagers battle in tourney -- Shocker squads win contests -- Netmen to face OU and Nebraska -- Up and over!: Star pole vaulter, former AAF pilot is now flying jets -- Valley season ended Monday -- National champs?: Bradley's desire is to win NIT crown then district NCAA / Jack Campbell -- Webster 'B' basketball squad ends second perfect season -- Zawoluk top scorer, netting 538 points -- Bullseye...: Shocker marksman, Jess Taylor, places high in rifle meet -- Bradley stars win U.P. All-America nod -- Trimble directs spring practice -- Fifty enrolled in Logopedics -- Budget recommendation of VA doesn't affect disabled vets -- Linksmen to begin medal play April 3
Photograph(s): Forum speaker: Dr. Homer P. Rainey. p. 1 -- New Student Council prepares Inaugural Ball: (Seated left to right) Phyllis McMichael, Charlotte Weidman, Bill Beck, Jane Barclay, and Norma Jean Haley. (Standing left to right) George Welch, Ron Gott, Dick Haughton, Grace Berberich, Howard Current, and Wilber Elsea. p. 1 -- Dean of Women then: Flora Clough. p. 2 -- Harry F. Corbin, president, University of Wichita. p. 5 -- Former instructor: Dr. Ernest Colwell. p. 6 -- Former student: Pres. Harry F. Corbin. p. 7 -- Just married: Pres. and Mrs. Harry F. Corbin on their wedding trip in 1940. p. 7 -- Three generations: (Left to right) President Harry F. Corbin, Mrs. Corbin, Mrs. Harry F. Corbin, Sr. (president's mother). The three Corbin sons (left to right) Alex, Jeff, and Harry F. Corbin, III. p. 7 -- Harry F. Corbin in 1919. p. 7 -- The 1950 University of Wichita, a growing community: Photo of the University of Wichita campus, including the University Auditorium in lower left corner. p. 8 -- Scene of early inaugurals: Fairmount Hall. p. 8 -- Faculty takes time out for camera: Members of the faculty of the University of Wichita are pictured at a recent meeting in the Library. p. 9 -- Eight men, one woman, served as first Board of Regents at University of Wichita in 1926: Charles E. Parr; C.M. Smyser; Mrs. R.M. Gouldner; Otto R. Souders; Dr. E.E. Stauffer; Dr. Harry W. Horn; George Hamilton; Frank Nighswonger; Allen W. Hinkle. p. 10 -- 1950 Board of Regents: (Left to right) Frank Barr, Mrs. Justus Fugate, P.K. Smith, Howard N. Fullington, Cecil Jordan, S. Carnot Brennan, Dr. T. Walker Weaver, and Dr. R.V. Christian. p. 10 -- Seven faculty members head special inauguration committees, Marsh appointed over all chairman: Dr. Robert C. Mood; Dr. T. Reese Marsh; Dean Grace Wilkie; Walter Duerksen; Dean L. Hekhuis; Laura M. Cross; Lester Rosen; Dr. Worth A. Fletcher. p. 11 -- Yea team!: Photo of two unidentified cheerleaders at first Shocker rally. p. 12 -- Gravestone of Fairmount's founder: Dr. Nathan J. Morrison's gravestone, pictured in Maple Grove cemetery. p. 14 -- Fairmount's first: Dr. Nathan J. Morrison. p. 14 -- Fairmount's second: Dr. Henry Thayer. p. 14 -- Fairmount's third: Dr. Walter H. Rollins. p. 14 -- U of W's first: Dr. John D. Finlayson. p. 15 -- U of W's second: Dr. H.W. Foght. p. 15 -- U of W's third: Dr. William M. Jardine. p. 15 -- The good old days: The Jinx, symbol of rivalry between Southwestern College and the University of Wichita is displayed here by four Wichita students. p. 15 -- Graduates of 1899: The three living members of the 1899 class are Mrs. B.W. McGinnis, Miss Alle P. Miller, and Mrs. George M. Chase. p. 16 -- Returns: Mrs. E.M. Leach. p. 16 -- Still on campus: (Seated, left to right) Dr. Hazel Branch, Mary Haymaker, Marie Graham, Jacquetta Downing. (Standing, left to right) Prof. C.C. Harbison, Dean Frank A. Neff. p. 17 -- University buildings: (1) the Administration Buildings; (2) Science Hall; (3) Fiske Hall; (4) Henrion Gymnasium; and (5) Morrison Hall. p. 18 -- Campus buildings: (1) the Communication Building; (2) the president's home; (3) the Library; (4) the Wind Tunnel; and (5) the Commons Building. p. 19 -- Athletics and activities: Page features fourteen photos of various events at University of Wichita. p. 21 -- Parnassus Queens, past and present: Mary Alice Thomas, 1935; Romona Branson, 1940; Martha Lou Porterfield, 1945; and Joyce Lawrence, 1950. p. 22 -- Early Fairmount College Choral Group. p. 23 -- Wilson Cadman, posing in a raccoon coat. p. 23 -- Al Littleton. p. 25 -- Jimmy Nutter. p. 25 -- Shocker Stadium unveiled, 1930: Photo of first game played against Friends University, with Stadium filled with fans. p. 26 -- Henrion Gym with the original look: Former University students working out in gym. p. 26 -- Basketball team of 1907. p. 27 -- First fem cager: Erma Keister in 1905. p.27 -- Frosh mentor: Bob Carlson. p. 27 -- Valuable frosh: Herb Eddington. p.27 -- Olympic star: Harold Manning. p. 28 -- Eddie Kriwiel. p. 28 -- Graduate enjoys Hawaii: G. Richard Gottschalk pictured with a friendly beachboy. p. 29 -- Chemist: Alan E. Boley. p. 29 -- Most valuable: Don Toevs. p. 30 -- Shocker vaultman: Jack Childers. p. 30 -- Al Craver. p. 31 -- Jess Taylor. p. 31
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The Sunflower
v.55 no.21
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