1979-02-12 University Senate meeting

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University Senate

University Senate. Agenda and Minutes of the Meeting, February 12, 1979. -- University Senate Meetings, 1978-1979, v.15

Table of Content
Agenda: Meeting called to order -- Informal proposals and statements -- Approval of the minutes for the meeting of January 22, 1979 -- Old business -- New business -- Adjournment
Amendments to the grievance procedure: Amendment
WSU grievance procedures: Summary -- Types of grievance -- General grievance procedure
WSU memorandum: Submission of federal grant application for a cooperative education program -- What is cooperative education -- Why haven't the other WSU proposals been funded -- What makes this proposal any different than the others -- How will funds from a federal planning and implementation grant be used -- Who is going to plan the program -- What about faculty participation and compensation -- Cooperative education defined -- Advantages to the student, the cooperating organization and the school -- Educational advantages to the student -- Advantages to the cooperating organization -- Advantages to the school -- Are cooperative students different from other students -- Administrative requirements at the educational institution -- Operation of the cooperative plan -- Three general approaches -- Coordination -- Fields of study -- Educational levels -- Emphasis on educational values -- Motivational factors in recent growth -- Students placed by discipline -- Summary information
Minutes: Call to order -- Informal proposals and statements --Approval of minutes -- New business -- Continuation grievance procedure -- Vote -- Motion -- New business: Kellogg II proposal -- Cooperative education