1969-1970 University Senate minutes of the meetings, committee reports, and Council of the Senate

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University Senate

University Senate. Minutes of the Meetings, Committee Reports, and Council of the Senate. -- University Senate Meetings, 1969-1970, v.6

Table of Content
Minutes of October 23, 1969: Announcements on Deadlines -- Approval for Nominations for Memberships on Graduate Faculty -- Area I Music -- Art -- English -- Area II Anthropology -- Political Science -- Sociology -- Area III Education -- Area IV Aeronautical Engineering -- Electrical Engineering -- Mechanical Engineering -- Chemistry -- Geology -- Use of Advisory Committee Form in Logopedics -- Departmental Reviews -- Exceptions
Minutes of March 5, 1970: Approval of Minutes -- Discussion on Problems -- Suggestion on the Issue of Health Insurance -- Introduction to Proposed Amendment -- Discussion on Mutual Concern
Council of College and University Senate Presidents: Membership of the Council
Faculty Assignments to University Standing Committees: Policy Committees -- Curriculum -- Admissions -- Scholarship and Student Aid -- Honors -- Library -- Tenure and Welfare -- Student Faculty Relations -- Court of Student Academic Appeals -- University Traffic -- Technical and Advisory Committees -- Continuing Education -- Athletic Committee -- Public Occasions -- Research -- Military Affairs -- Board of Student Publications -- Teacher Education Council -- summer School
University Senate: Council of Library Arts -- College of Business Administration -- College of Fine Arts -- School of Engineering -- Unassigned
Faculty: Sex -- Birthdate -- Salary
KSU Correspondence: Congratulations Upon Election to Professor William Nelson -- Farewell Letter
Correspondence to Tony: Discussion on Next Meeting -- Investigating University Goverance for Approval
Minutes of February 11, 1970: Approval of Minutes -- Compliance with Civil Rights Acts -- Campus Calendar -- Wichita State -- Wichita Week -- United Fund campaign -- Welcome to New Member -- principal Counselors Conference
Memorandum: Procedures to Handle the Events