Parnassus 1960

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Municipal University of Wichita

University of Wichita. Parnassus 1960. Wichita, Kan: Wichita State University, 2017


Progress, the theme of the 1960 Parnassus, is designedly a policy of our school. While principles remain constant their application and the techniques of application are constantly being changed. Consequently, while we adhere to basic principles, our faculty is alive to the ever changing technical advances and endeavors to incorporate them in current courses. But school is more than courses. It is an experience in living. Our school brings to us as many phases of modern social living as can appropriately be provided by an educational institution. A full social calendar, a wide diversity of professional entertainment, our own program of plays, shows, and musical exhibitions, clubs, athletics, activities-all directed toward making the Wichita student a well-balanced, happy and prosperous adult- are all part of our life here at Wichita University.

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Editorial staff: Shirley Sears, editor-in-chief; Sally Howse, managing editor; Bob Pope, business manager
Contents: Progress One -- Progress Two -- Progress Three -- Progress Four