Increasing the electrical properties of fiber composites for EMI shielding purposes with PEDOT: PSS drop coating method

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Duzcukoglu, Hayrettin
Kaybal, Halil Burak
Yeasmin, Farzana
Asmatulu, Ramazan
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Adhesion , Carbon fibers , Conducting polymers , Contact angle , Drops , Electric conductivity , Electromagnetic pulse , Epoxy resins , Fiber reinforced plastics , Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy , Polystyrenes , Surface treatment , Thermoelectric equipment , Wetting , Composite surface , Composites material , Electrical conductivity , Ethylenedioxythiophenes , Fibre-reinforced composite , PEDOT/PSS , Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene): polystyrene sulphonate , Poly(styrene sulfonate) , Water contact angle , Water contacts , Coatings
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The increasing demand for composite materials with enhanced electrical conductivity has driven research in various industries, including automotive, aviation, and electronic devices. This study explores the application of drop coating with PEDOT: PSS (poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene): polystyrene sulfonate) to improve the electrical conductivity of prepreg glass and carbon fiber composites, as well as Kevlar composites prepared with hand layup process using an epoxy resin and hardener. The study investigates the impact of surface preparation techniques, including UV radiation and sulfuric acid treatment, on the adhesion of the coating. Water contact angle measurements demonstrate the improved wetting capability of the composite surfaces after surface treatments. Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy analysis reveals changes in the chemical compositions of the coated surfaces. The electrical conductivity of the coated surfaces is measured at different temperatures and layer counts. The results show that the drop coating process significantly enhances the electrical conductivity of the composite structures, with carbon fiber composites exhibiting the highest conductivity. Adhesion tests indicate that surface treatment and temperature play crucial roles in achieving satisfactory adhesion between the coating and the composite surface. The findings of this study provide valuable insights into the application of PEDOT: PSS drop cast coating for enhancing electrical conductivity in composite materials and pave the way for advancements in coating technologies on composite surfaces for various applications in aviation, energy storage, electronic devices, and sustainable manufacturing technologies. Copyright © 2023. Used by CAMX - The Composites and Advanced Materials Expo. CAMX Conference Proceedings.

9th Annual Composites and Advanced Materials Expo, CAMX 2023
30 October 2023 through 2 November 2023
Duzcukoglu, H., Kaybal, H.B., Yeasmin, F., Asmatulu, R. INCREASING THE ELECTRICAL PROPERTIES OF FIBER COMPOSITES FOR EMI SHIELDING PURPOSES WITH PEDOT: PSS DROP COATING METHOD. (2023). Composites and Advanced Materials Expo, CAMX 2023. DOI: 10.33599/nasampe/c.23.0207
The Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX)
Composites and Advanced Materials Expo, CAMX 2023
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