The Sunflower, v.82, no.34 (October 31,1977)

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The Sunflower, v.82 no. 34. Wichita, Kansas, October 31, 1977. - 8 pages

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Article(s): Teachers and libraries: Copyright law may confuse -- Ph.D. is a high school dropout / Judy Moulos -- Free U. to give costume bash -- Young senator will speak in CAC Theater Tuesday -- ASK to recommend Moses -- BSU to celebrate heritage -- Sex education lacking in Kansas / Gary Freed -- Meat and potatoes / Patrick Jennings -- Women harriers take 3rd -- Road trip returns: 3-4
Photograph(s): Homecoming fire: WSU students whoop it up around the traditional bonfire at the Yell Fire Friday Night. The Yell Fire was preceded by a Night Shirt Parade and kicked off the Homecoming '77 celebration. For more glimpses of Homecoming festivities, see page six. / photo by Michael Knapp. p. 1 -- Rough going: Whether out for a good time or out for a rough one, there is no doubt the Indian summer was perfect weather for football. These young men, playing "sandlot" football at College Hill Park, may find conditions dampened for any future activities of this type. The weather forecast includes showers throughout the week. / photo by Alan Dorow. p. 1 -- Homecoming 1977 / photos by Craig Sharer, Dale McRae and Michael Knapp. p. 6