2011-2012 McNair Scholars Programs: Journal of research reports

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Office of Special Programs

Office of Special Programs, McNair Scholars Program: Journal of research reports, 2011-2012, v.17, 88 pages.

Table of Content
Gender differences: An examination of career choices and constraints / Rebecca Rodriguez -- Peer deviancy training in the development on antisocial behavior / Jamie C. Farrelly -- Progress regarding in situ hybridization: Analysis of micro RNA expression in the hamster uterus / Elka S. Garcia -- Examination of how health professionals of color experience and negotiate race within their workplaces / Courtney Berry -- How do I text thee: Effects of frequent texting on relationships / Sarah O. Cummings -- A qualitative study of the effects of peer labeling on juvenile development / Kristina Yvette Durham -- Effects of patients' preoperational expectations following shoulder surgery / Ehijator Ighalo -- Only time will tell: A study of deliberate practice methods and strategies used my musicians / Christina Johnson -- Phantom limb pain of lower extremity amputees: A case study and peripheral mechanism / Tammy Lowe -- The ongoing investigation of central fan question through numerical computations / Francis L. Nguyen -- The ones left behind: Delinquency in children with incarcerated parents / Michelle Ofuokwu -- Parent-child relationships and the intensity of adolescents' romantic relationships / Kia Porter -- From dropped out to checked in: A snapshot of alternative education / Monica Williams