Spatial calibration for thermal-RGB cameras and inertial sensor system

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Li, Yan
Tan, Jindong
Zhang, Yinlong
Liang, Wei
He, Hongsheng

Y. Li, J. Tan, Y. Zhang, W. Liang and H. He, "Spatial Calibration for Thermal-RGB Cameras and Inertial Sensor System," 2018 24th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), Beijing, 2018, pp. 2295-2300


The light-weight thermal-RGB-inertial sensing units are now gaining increasing research attention, due to their heterogeneous and complementary properties. A robust and accurate registration between a thermal-RGB camera and an inertial sensor is a necessity for effective thermal-RGB-inertial fusion, which is an indispensable procedure for reliable tracking and mapping tasks. This paper presents an accurate calibration method to geometrically correlate the spatial relationships between an RGB camera, a thermal camera and an inertial measurement unit (IMU). The calibration proceeds within the unified calibration framework (thermal-to-RGB, RGB-to-IMU). The extrinsic parameters are estimated by jointly optimizing both the chessboard corner reprojection errors and acceleration and angular velocity error terms. Extensive evaluations have been performed on the collected thermal-RGB-inertial measurements. In this experiments study, the average RMS translation and Euler angle errors are less than 6 mm and 0.04 rad respectively under 20% artificial noise.

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