Our common school heritage: a history of the Wichita Public Schools

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Van Meter, Sondra

Meter, Sondra Van. Our Common School Heritage: a History of the Wichita Public Schools. Wichita, Kansas: Kansas Board of Education, 1977. 466 pages


The purpose of this book is to document accurately the history of public education in the Wichita school district. In order to record the goals and achievements, it has been necessary to examine the multifaceted background of conflict, confusion, and compromise. The story of a school district is also the story of a community's commitment to education. Some of the experiences portrayed are redundant in nature while other experiences emphasize different educational philosophies and methods, and new approaches in the operation of the schools.

Table of Content
Foreword -- Introduction and acknowledgements -- Wichita: Queen and pauper -- Booming Wichita -- Wichita and schools experience adversity -- Recovery and rebirth -- Wichita: the prosperous years -- Wichita in the roaring twenties -- Wichita and the Great Depression -- Wichita in war and peace -- The population explosion -- The turbulent years -- A period of consolidation -- Footnotes -- Appendixes -- Index