2009-02-09 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of February 9, 2009. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2008-2009, v.22

Table of Content
Agenda: (President's report): A. Update from Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs and Research Gary L. Miller -- (Committee reports) -- (Old business)
Attachments: Constitution of Faculty Senate Article I: Composition and Selection -- Faculty Senate Election Rules
Minutes: Summary of action: 1. Accepted the nomination of Dean Roush (Fine Arts) to the Rules Committee to sit in for Julie Bees for the Spring 2009 semester -- 2. Accepted the nomination of Johnnie Thompson as Senator from the College of Education appointment ending June 2010 -- (President's report): A. Review of the current state of the budget and other information and Academic Affairs information / Gary L. Miller -- B. Announcements from the President: Deadline for the President's Distinguished Service Award is February 24th; committee preference forms will be submitted electronically this week; the Honors and Globalization efforts will be announced later this week; Committee vacancies -- COFSP report: 60-day waiting period for health insurance, the history behind the current regulation, and Faculty Senate Presidents are drawing the attention of the KBOR to the discrepancy between the Kansas policy and that of neighboring states -- (Committee report): A. Rules / Deborah Soles -- (Old business): Academy for Effective Teaching (AET) activities / Elmer Hoyer