Joyful trek : a Texan's times and travels

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Williams, Robert H., 1897-1993
Miner, H. Craig

Williams, Robert H., and H. Craig Miner. Joyful Trek: A Texan�s Times and Travels. Texas Tech University Press, 1996.

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Like the hero in a Gary Cooper movie, Robert H. Williams marches through the history of the twentieth century on the front lines of American culture. And editor/historian Craig Miner makes certain the reader never wants for a deeper understanding of all that our protagonist experiences. Pairing the original memoir with a lively running commentary rich in historical context and unexpected detail, Joyful Trek guides the reader across the wild prairies of central Texas at the turn of the century into World War I with the infant Army Air Force and around the world in the Merchant Marine. Williams goes on to become a Harvard student, a journalist, an intelligence officer in World War II, an inventor, a Hollywood writer, a family man, a bit of a philosopher -- and foremost a consummate storyteller.