The HANOHANO Detector and Ongoing Research and Development

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Cicenas, Blake
Solomey, Nickolas

Blake Cicenas, Nickolas Solomey, The HANOHANO Detector and Ongoing Research and Development, Physics Procedia, Volume 37, 2012, Pages 1324-1331


The Hanohano neutrino detector is a deep sea module that can be submerged to the ocean floor far away from surface radiation. Its Physics goals are the study of geo-neutrinos to probe the isotope source of the 45 TW of heat driving all of geodynamic processes in the earth, enhanced studies of neutrino oscillation from reactors through variable distance observations, and as an observatory for astro-physical neutrino sources. Nuclear surveillance of unknown nuclear reactors can be a key mission for a mobile neutrino detector that is also under consideration. The Hanohano detector details will be presented and a summary of the continuing research and development at the University of Hawaii for neutrino direction detection development will be reviewed.

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