Hunger Awareness Initiative: are Wichita State University graduate students hungry? -- Restricted access to full text

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Blevins, Shae
Ballard-Reisch, Deborah

Shae Blevins. (2012). Hunger Awareness Initiative: Are Wichita State University Graduate Students Hungry?. -- In Proceedings: 8th Annual Symposium: Graduate Research and Scholarly Projects. Wichita, KS: Wichita State University, p.59-60


Food insecurity is an issue across the nation. Colleges and state universities put effort in to solving the problem of food insecurity, or hunger, in their communities through volunteer organizations and volunteer credit hour requirements, such as working with food banks and overflow shelters. However, preliminary research revealed no information concerning state university students as a population affected by food insecurity. The present research targeted the college student population, specifically graduate students at Wichita State University. Qualitative data in the form of survey responses and focus group discussions were gathered via an open-ended survey. Students, faculty and staff were invited to participate. The data were analyzed through inductive coding methods. Research revealed that respondents believed hunger and food insecurity do impact state university students.

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Paper presented to the 8th Annual Symposium on Graduate Research and Scholarly Projects (GRASP) held at the Marcus Welcome Center, Wichita State University, April 18, 2012.
Research completed at the Elliott School of Communication, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences