Surface area determinations of carbon blacks

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Hollabaugh, Charles M.
Lyon, Luther L.
Crocker, Glenn

The purpose of this investigation was to collect information on systems where only diffusive flow of a gas could occur. Petty investigated the flow of nitrogen and helium gases through a carbon black powder of surface area 107 . His investigation indicated that 95 per cent or more of the flow through this material could be attributed to diffusion. The carbon black powders used in the present investigation have surface area values in the range from 100 . to 700 . The most widely used method of determining surface areas utilizes low temperature adsorption of nitrogen on the material in question. This method is commonly referred to as the BET method. The BET values of the surface areas of the materials used in this investigation were determined.

Table of Content
The problem -- Review of the literature -- Materials unsed and experimental method -- Data and results -- Conclusions -- Summary -- Bibliography
Thesis (M.S.)-- University of Wichita, Department of Chemistry