The Sunflower, v.59, no.32 (March 29, 1955)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.59, no.32, Wichita, Kansas, March 29, 1955 - 4 pages

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Article(s): Icy weather forces change in Shocker campus capers -- Pre-registration process revamped for fall term -- Newsmen will tour campus -- Press club sponsors panelists -- 35 of new type elms planted on campus -- To hold egg roll for Logo -- Adult education adds courses in meteorology -- Freshman awarded Phi Mu scholarship -- Cooling unit to be placed in Library -- Aggie relays cancelled sic]; Shocks to run Wednesday -- Probst leads WU linksmen -- Shocker freshmen open cinder year -- Netmen set for Pratt -- WRA ends play -- More coverage -- Prof to do forest study -- Shock talk: To the editor -- Student forum to have humorist -- Pre-enrollment will be held April 11-29 -- Contributes to volume -- English dept. represented at national meet -- Junior Logo will become frat chapter -- Thinks fast!
Photograph(s): Uncaptioned photograph of two people [Venita McFadden and Marlene Brown] walking on snow holding books. p. 1 -- Kansas weather? It's unpredictable. Thursday with temperatures in the mid 50's [sic] these dorm coeds decided to absorb some good Kansas sunshine in the sundeck of Grace Wilkie Hall unsuspecting of the next day's blizzard. Enjoying the sunshine while it lasted were Linda VanFalkenberg, Betty Binter, Karlene Smith, and Pat Kennedy. Only 24 hours later Venita McFadden and Marlene Brown were caught battling the wind and snow of Friday's blizzard, the worst on record of that date. p. 1