The Sunflower, v.80, no.28 (October 31, 1975)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.80 no. 28. Wichita, Kansas, October 31, 1975. - 12 pages.
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Article(s): SGA, Free U. clash -- Who was that masked man wearing my bra? -- Seminar to be held on patient rights -- Residence halls get new safety features -- CAC program director to direct Kansas college union program -- Why Harry Miller? -- Tenure committee: To stress teaching, don't pack the court -- Pushing beer: No one accepts responsibility -- With or without SGA funds: New directory lists Wichita resources -- Images: The Sunflower literary page: Visiting poet begins residency; Yates: Loneliness is theme; Fox, McAuley to give readings -- Gary Burton: catch his vibes -- Flemish art, manuscripts on display -- Review: ‘St. Joan’ leaves reviewer with a sense of loss / Anne Welsbacher -- It’s Greek to me / Mike Taylor -- University record / edited by Elizabeth P. Clark -- Music study group ends first phase -- Coming off Tusla upset: Memphis makes first visit / Steve Pike -- Cager goes home, team trimmed to thirteen -- Keglers party at league meet -- Infra-red study traces glacier path / Fred Markham
Photograph(s): ARRGGGHH!! Sunflower photographer Merkle Merriweather captured this jack-o-lantern as he made early trick or treat rounds Thursday. p. 1 -- Lines into space - steel beams and corrugated flooring form intersecting lines in the Liberal Arts building under construction southeast of the Life Science building. p. 1 -- Donald Finkel. p. 5 -- Richard Yates. p. 5 -- Jim Wright, SlU loss disappointing -- Dave Przybylo, Shocker freshman goes home. p. 11
Wichita State University
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The Sunflower
v.80 no.28
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